EAS Community Engagement Activities

EAS Community Engagement Activities- EAS Outreach Best Practices-Please consider the following questions: 1.) What specific training activities (i.e. workshops, webinars, etc.) would you recommend? 2.) What EAS topics would you suggest training should focus? 3.) What other EAS education and awareness campaigns are needed to prepare for the EAS Test? 4.) How can station ownership and management become more involved in these activities?
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EAS Community Engagement Activities


I don’t know if the National Alert Service is the correct forum, but I would like to address a recent issue that came up with Alert Systems in general. As you know, Western Massachusetts experienced an extreme snow event last week which put power out to almost all of Western Mass. and Connecticut. All of the “what to do in an emergency” manuals said keep a battery operated radio and wait for announcements. Well, with... more »


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