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EAS Rules Clarification

Reporting after the National Test

It has been reported tha the FCC will require all broadcasters to submit a report after the National Test. Included in this report will be issues and information about whether or not a station did relay the test. Many people are concerned that this will open broadcasters upto potential fines from FCC.

Will the FCC use any of the information, gained from the National Test,against broadcasters? What assurances will broadcasters... more »


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EAS Audio Quality

EAS vs. News

An observation for stations that don't broadcast an EAS activation but go right to live news coverage when there's an activation--a local emergency manager told me that he expects consistency when it comes to emergency information. He wants the public to get the information from the emergency official first and not some reporter's interpretation of what the emergency official said especially when that reporter is not... more »


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