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Using Cell Phone Servie to send messages to numbers in an affected area.


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    I'm not sure if I agree or disagree with this. It's a good idea with a lot of BUTS! With portable numbers, the only way you could tell where someone is would be either GPS feedback or send messages to any phone connected to the towers in the affected area. Would the users get charged for air time? Not everyone has texting enabled. An opt-in scheme would go back to the problem of tieing location with phone number. I think I see a lodt of un-funded headache for the cell companies.

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    You bring up a good point. But in the event of an EAN, I would think the most important information would be from the White House to the entire country. In which case, mass text messages to EVERY phone, free of charge, would be fine. For those that don't have texting enabled, EAS should be able to override it. Again, free text message.

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    I know that some cell providers have this already for example in my area there is a regional GSm copany that use something called cell reption that uses gps to replace the text of there network name with an EAS alert and there is no charge. However, curent;y it is an opt in opt out and requires set up/programing that most cousumers need to go to the store for, but it works natonal with an agreement they have with ATT. It is very sueccful I know because I've used it.

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    Long ago, travelers on I-75 crossing the GA/TN border were greeted with an cell phone call from then BellSouth Mobility. The call was air-time free and announced you had entered the market at Chattanooga.

    I would like to see wireless telephone towers coverage area overlayed into WARNING polygons. If the tower's coverage area is in the WARNING polygon, the carrier's on the tower would be required by FCC and DHS/FEMA to text cellphone users "on that tower" of the emergency. Something like: TORNADO WARNING THIS AREA! etc.

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    That's fine, but what about some of areas such as Michigan? Where I live, there are three different towers within a (roughly) 15 mile radius. I typically pull my signal from a tower near a lake ('bout 2 miles away), but on extremely windy days and/or in bad storms, I might bounce between those towers.

    If I understand your comment correctly (please correct me if I'm wrong), what you're suggesting *could* cause me to receive many alerts that may not be for my area.

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    Limitations with more confused directions could help, but every situation has to be looked into and discussed to help prepare for the one for all and all for one. We have the ability to use this only as an added defence to communicate...

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