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Some of us are wondering who is going to create the public awareness campaign for the national test. The state broadcasting association was of immense value for the two Alaska tests, and came up with their "Chill, it's only a Drill" campaign. We need to ask for help with this from the advertising community, maybe through the NAB. The message may have to be adjusted since we will be dealing with 49 other states, but most people agree that careful thought and significant effort will pay off.


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    That was one of the questions asked at teh SBE 15 meeting with FEMA...if a DTV rollout style PSA campaign was in the plans...at the moment it does not seem like FEMA or FCC have any plans for such a campaign.

    I agree something is needed.

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    How many people would understand an EAN? I'm fairly certain several will hit "mute" as soon as they hear the SAME bursts. Like the EBS, I think most people have become accustomed to ignoring the alert tone(s), and won't notice the "Emergency Action Notification" message anyway.

    I do agree that there should be some sort of PSA for those that take the alerts seriously. I know when I am watching TV and the tests start, I check it out. Never know if it's just a test or a warning of some sort.

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    I think you both bring up really good points. What would an effective PSA look like? Alaska did their first PSA with the 2010 EAN that was "Chill it's Just a drill" and then did a second PSA with the 2011 EAN that was with Sen. Murkowski. The tone of the PSAs were different in both, even though the message was the same (the first was light-hearted in tone and the second was a bit more serious) Should there be a few PSAs that vary?

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    rar01 ( Idea Submitter )

    In the FCC filing that the BWWG (on file on the FCC's ECFS) did on the national test, among other suggestios we thought that an effective national live code test PSA message might vary regionally and include considerations for the portion of the audience that has special needs. We also said professional public relations and special needs experts should be consulted on what the best approach to promoting the test should be.

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    My recommendation would be that States, SECCs, and State Broadcaster Associations take the initiative and create their own tailored to your audience in each State. As a follow up to the two that we created (the Alaska Broadcasters Association that is) the one that had a U.S. Senator in it and not just a static slide with audio had much more impact. My message has always been its our system and we will all get the calls locally in our own cities, counties, and states, and that we can't wait for FEMA or the FCC to produce the message for us.

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    rar01 ( Idea Submitter )

    While I hope many state organizations follow Alaska's excellent example for a public awareness campaign, there should be some regional or national coordination of these efforts -- especially in regions where audiences overlap state lines.

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    Manny Centeno
    ( Moderator )

    Excellent point rar01. We are working with the FEMA Regions to coordinate RMTs and other activities to strengthen the partnership between EMs and broadcasters.

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