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Sirius-XM and Directv

What would it take to receive the national level test from Sirius-XM and Directv? If a station/cable was willing to subscribe would the EAN alert be available? Would'nt this be a good redundant national level source?


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    Sirius and XM are both required as licensed broadcasters to carry EAS. I know Sirius has a dedicated Emergency Channel. Not sure if they still do since merging with XM.

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    The Primary Entry Point AM stations are and will be the last ditch method for the President to communicate with the public if and when other (far superior) ways are available. The "squawk" channel on the NPR satellite is recognized as a way to fill in where PEP coverage does not exist. One would think that we should certainly retain the PEP AM stations but add in other ways to back up and reinforce PEP - including Sirius and XM. I know of at least one sat. space segment provider of station programming who would like to be added in as well.

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    I agree that Sirius/XM would be good ways for national distribution, especially to stations that may not have national network affiliation. For those that do it would be good if the networks would transmit the alert signals for national activity so that EAS decoders could respond to them. NPR transmitting the tones over the "squawk" channel would be a good example of that. I really don't want to have to subscribe to Sirius/XM to get such a service, though. A deal might be made beetween Sirius/XM and local broadcasters to be able to receive their services free of charge for EAS purposes.

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    While in outline this seems a good idea, these message feeds would be providing coverage for a large part if not all the country, and perhaps Canada also someday. So there should be a prioritization scheme because in times of channel message traffic peaks priorities need to be decided automatically, and there should be some messages that it is acceptable to not guarantee passage for. Selecting by event code seems the simplest method.

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    I agree that the more sources we have the better. I do not like the idea of racking up too many unfunded mandates on top of needing to buy the EAS equipment. And making us subscribe to XM/Sirius or CATV services would be just that.

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    I know if you read the manual that comes with sirus/am service or search EAS on their website they'll tell you that all of sirius/XM ch. carry Natioal EAS and regional/state situational messages and local Eas messages are carried only on their traffic and weather stions for major cities. I'm not sure about Direct tv or dish network I would think they too would carry national alerts.

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    Yesterday, Direct TV did broadcast the EAN, BUT, no on HBO or other premium channels. Also the audio was Lady Gaga! I agree that if a national emergency, Everymedia outlet: Facebook, All cell phones, TV, Radio, XM, etc. SHOULD be activated. What if 911 was 30 planes instead of 2? or bombs exploding throughout the country? Many would not know (maybe that is better for some people) unless all media sends emergency messages.

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