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Reporting after the National Test

It has been reported tha the FCC will require all broadcasters to submit a report after the National Test. Included in this report will be issues and information about whether or not a station did relay the test. Many people are concerned that this will open broadcasters upto potential fines from FCC.

Will the FCC use any of the information, gained from the National Test,against broadcasters? What assurances will broadcasters have that they information they provide will b eused only for information gathering?


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    I believe a report "for information/performance measurments" is needed, although I personally am not too worried about it being used against a Broadcaster.

    Lets say that a specific station had an equipment failure the day before the national test that they were unable to resolve, and as a result, reported and logged the failure as required. Now lets assume that the station was questioned.....as long as the station can provide evidence that the equipment worked properly before the test, they should have no problems.

    However the station that has had an ongoing, unresolved and not properly documented issue would have a tough time.....

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    If stations are not maintaining their EAS systems and logs correctly the FCC will catch up to them sooner or later. I agree that as long as EAS is being logged correctly and any failures are either taken care of or in the process of being taken care of in a timely manner the FCC won't have a problem with it. Failures happen. That's why we test.

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    This is a concern, and I would say a likely outcome from the FCC if they do not specify before the test that they will not use the information provided for information only, and pertaining to the test results only. How about having the report form genaric with no station ID on it, just a general fips code location?

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    There isn't any fine for failing a test. The only fines I know of have been for failing to take appropriate action if there was a failure. The station log and the proposed report should show why and where it failed and what was done to solve the problem.

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    Community Member

    I would also like to know well ahead of time what kind of reporting is expected so I know what to watch for.

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    The FCC should share the information they gather with the EAS State Chairs because the State Chairs are the people who can help resolve many of the problems that broadcasters experience with the test.

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    Is there a way the general public can report that they didn't see a test? I was at home, studying with the TV on in the background and the test never popped up. I have AT&T U-Verse and had the TV tuned to a Music Choice channel. I seem to remember in the past the weekly (monthly?) tests would pop up on any channel on U-Verse, but the national test did NOT happen today.

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