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I don’t know if the National Alert Service is the correct forum, but I would like to address a recent issue that came up with Alert Systems in general. As you know, Western Massachusetts experienced an extreme snow event last week which put power out to almost all of Western Mass. and Connecticut. All of the “what to do in an emergency” manuals said keep a battery operated radio and wait for announcements. Well, with the power out, we all waited (in the dark) for announcements…there were NONE! Not even one radio station in Western Mass was broadcasting information or even call in shows. When the power came on for some of the lucky ones, all of the “what to do’s” were on the TV! This seems a little short sighted and I haven’t seen any forums to voice concerns. We couldn’t charge cell phones or laptops, so what was the point of broadcasting on TV? All of the town mayors were getting their “face” time on TV, but we couldn’t see them! No one knew where the shelters were located or where help might be available if people were in trouble. All of this information was available through computers and TV.



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