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Outreach to Emergency Managers

I suggest that all SECC's reach out to their respective state's professional emergency management associations. Nationally, we need to do more outreach to NEMA, the organization that State emergency managers belong to. We need to not only meet with professional EM's at all levels, but ask them if we can get on programs for their conventions, and allow them the opportunity to meet with local broadcasters.


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    Emergency Managers need to do the same...seek out LP1's that are not participating in the monitoring of weekly or monthly EAS Tests. Thi partnership is VITAL!

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    rar01 ( Idea Submitter )

    While today's webinar talked about FEMA's outreach to state level EM's, state broadcaster organizations should do their own outreach to state emergency management associations for your states. NASBA may be able to help/coordinate/lead in this effort.

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    I agree. Venues like NEMA or IAEM can get the message out to select attendees of these conferences. However, a successful tool we have used in Alaska is to schedule specific sessions at our annual Broadcasters' Convention on EAS. Its an opportunity for our Association to hold my feet to the fire as that staff person responsible for EAS at State Emergency Management.

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    Ed Czarnecki

    Strongly agree, though I might suggest the SECC should take the lead, since they should (theoretically) also include representation from the cable television industry (which the state broadcast association does not).

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