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Monitoring Assignments

Does your state plan include a list of LP and NWS stations that Participating Stations monitor? Where is your list available? What do you do if you can't monitor your monitoring assignment?


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    If your station cannot monitor your state primary or local operational area primary, work with the SECC for alternative monitoring assignments. Your station may be able to monitor another station that is monitoring the SP or LP or an alternative monitoring arrangement can be made, for example employing a State Relay.

    Also keep in mind two important points, if your station indirectly monitors the SP or LP via an indirect path from another broadcast facility, be sure to inform that station's management. It's a prudent action to advise that other station they are being relied upon as a monitoring source. Second, if the SECC and your station agree a non-traditional path will best serve your station. Be sure it is written in the state EAS plan and approved by the FCC. Such documentation will protect the path from be preempted for other services.

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    nevadaeas ( Idea Submitter )

    Absolutely--SECC's want to make EAS work and it can't if your station is having trouble receiving your monitoring assignments. Be sure you've tried everything within reason to improve reception and then come with suggestions for what is going to work for you.

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    Community Member

    how do we get answers to the comments? Or do we just get more ashamed of the gov way of informing the citizens???

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