EAS Equipment Installation, Configuration, and Operation

Is There A Format For The Test

Checking the EAS Handbook for the format of an actual national activation, it appears to consist of two parts:

First, the EAT, with data chirps, attention signal and a scripted, "This is an Emergency Action Notification...a message over the Emergency Alert System," which stations will *replay* with locally-relayed/regenerated data chirps and attention signal (and possibly the script audio?),

Second, after a pause (presumably for the replay above) the message itself, which stations carry live.


Is this how the national *test* will be formatted? I have seen nothing to so indicate and discussion in general gives the impression it will more closely resemble a long version of an RMT. We could not carry that in real-time via our EAS911 and get the data and attention signal on the air from our codec. I don't see how any station could with any equipment.


Really need clarification of this. My station runs all EAS manually; we can just relay the LP-1 starting 0900EST - tfn, but that's not a real test of the system or our equipment.



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