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Millions of Americans use Facebook, Google, AOL to communicate. It would be very advantageous to establish contracts to syndicate EAS messages online during a national event. Additionally, it would be ideal to partner with social media outlets and email providers to create applications which allow users to voluntarily subscribe their email address and contact info into local emergency notification systems.


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    Ed Czarnecki

    Not sure why contracts would be needed. If IPAWS (or analagous state CAP systems) post alerts as a public resource, the these alerts could (and like will) automatically be picked up by interested social media. I'm sure there will be a flurry of market-driven applications over the next year or so.

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    I'm reluctant to adopt social media outlets as an outlet for such critical information. What would it look like? A banner inserted at the top of Facebook that the Emergency Alert would be injected into on demand? And then what would it look like in Google+, and then Outlet X? Millions of people use Facebook....to play games and post useless information, which degrades it's viability. But with the right strategy I suppose it could be done right.

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      That's the wonder of an open market - let Google, Facebook, et al decide where to place it. They're very good at getting "important" information in the user's face; much better than you, or any arm of the federal government, and they can fix things much faster as well.

      Imagine having these messages gatewayed into all of the pervasive communications we experience these days: social media, online games, mobile phone text message broadcast.

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    Community Member

    I think television and radio are "old" ways to communicate this. I for instance do not watch tv nor do I listen to the radio. Im sure I'm not the only one who doesn't pay attention to this media. I use Pandora or other internet radio/phone apps. I watch my tv online thru Hulu/Netflix. Facebook is one of the places I get my information from, along with browsing News Reporting websites. I do realize there are also many people who do not even have internet access let alone smartphones. If there was an emergency I would prefer to be notified via text/email or through facebook.

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