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EAS IPAWS legacy support

I'm concerned that the legacy end user equipment isn’t going to be able to function after IPAWS is used. I mean for example a TiVo and Moxi don’t support the audio portion of alerts, only the banner which I think uses rigid predestinated scripts. For example THE BROADCAST STATION OR CABLE SYSTEM HAS ISSUED A REQUIRED WEEKLY TEST FOR THE FOLLOWING COUNTIES/AREAS: (list of counties/parishes/independent cities, or other designated areas) AT ( insert start time) ON (insert month/day/year) EFFECTIVE UNTIL (insert end time) MESSAGE FROM (insert identification)


See that make me concerned that with IPAWS being so flexible with the open standards of alerting authorities being able to write their own messages, those messages being sent to the legacy receiving equipment like weather radios, cable boxes, TiVo’s and Moxi's wont know how to make heads or tails or it.


How will IPAWS work with ANSI/SCTE 18 2007

(J-STD-042A-2007) compliant equipment?



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