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Is the EAS Hanbook going to be updated before the test? In it currently the instructions for a National Level Activation are very confussing. It states that broadcasters will recireve the EAN and then have to instert a script including their station id, then put the national source on the air. I understand that this is not how it happened in Alaska?


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    Jeff is correct. The EAS Handbook instructions for EAN have never been corrected. The good news is that for EAN's,the process is automatic. Once an EAN starts, and EAS box is captured" until released. Nonetheless, I would expect the FCC to at least issue a Public Notice about the EAS Handbook if there is not enough time to re-write the handbook before the test.

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      Community Member

      Put the book online and let the public rewrire it, just like they do in the google dic.s Then and only then post the official book/s on the subject to help when needed...

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    I agree, there's not enough time to re-write the Handbook now, and with further changes on the way, now's probably not the best time to do so, anyway. An "Operator's Guide to the National Test" wouldn't be a bad idea, though.

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    Community Member

    I agree as well. And whenever any such regulatory or operational updates are released, perhaps published to a website, organizations like NAB and SBE could be notified so their membership would know to go looking for it and where to find it.

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    Community Member

    While the comments regarding the handbook are valid, the time frame to rewrite the handbook is short. This makes it preferable to postpone it to incorporate lessons learned from the EAN test. Also as the ideas regarding a next-generation EAS may become actively discussed after the test and the CAP deployment, the handbook should be part of that discussion.

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    During the Roundtable, it was mentioned that most board operators read the Handbook once. I think that's normal because it is written as a How To procedure. Since it does not have station specific information, those procedures are re-written by the station. Those are what is referred to all the time! I think the Handbook needs to be re-written without the focus on specific How-To instructions and stick with broader information. It needs more concepts to put all this activity in context.

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    Ed Czarnecki

    A "Day of Test" handbook could be out from the FCC as early as next week.

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